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Live Music Video – Glenn Cardier JUMP JUMP
30 May 2012

Glen Cardier recorder and played much of the album himself in his home studio, and some of his guitar playing is simply outstanding. Further recording took place in Albert Studios and the sessions feature some fine playing from the Sideshow.

The Sideshow
Rex Goh - Guitars
Phil Grove - Piano, Piano Accordion
Nick Hoorweg - Bass, Vocals
Davo Fester - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Special Guests
Tony Gibson - Trombone
Veren Grigorov – Violin

There’s no-one else on the Australian music scene quite like Glenn Cardier; from finely chiseled storylines and razor sharp observations to the off kilter delivery of his cryptic vignettes, he is a genuine one-off, a maverick, and you wouldn’t want it any other way.
Special thanks on the night to
Glenn A. Baker - Special Guest, presenter
Tim Huang - iHearMusic.com
Stacey Lymbery - Interviews and  presenter
Sonya Perica - Filming and Music Video Production, Datreats Productions


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